Pro-democratic executive of Hong Kong Media appears before court

On Saturday, Hong kong's pro-democracy Apple Daily's two executives appeared in court, imposed with collusion charges.

On Saturday, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Apple Daily’s two executives appeared in court, imposed with collusion charges. The development came after the authorities issued a security law targeting the newspaper, “a scathing critic of Beijing”.

Ryan Law, Chief editor and Cheung Kim-hung, CEO of the national daily, are accused of conspiring with foreign forces to compromise China’s national security with a series of articles that are claimed to have international sanctions.

The security law is reported to be first time triggered by political views and opinion issue by the outlet of Hong Kong media. The law was imposed in the previous year by the capital of the nation to bridge up the differences in the financial hub.

Moreover, the newsroom of the Apple daily was raided by 500 police personals on Thursday, who seized computers, hard drives and notepads of reporters.

Meanwhile, along with Law and Cheung other three executives were also arrested who got further released on bail. The court was overwhelmed by the crowd mainly from the current and former Apple Daily executives, queuing for the hearing.

Chang, a staff member she and her other colleagues treat “every day like the last day of life” while working for the paper, Times Of India(TOI) reported.

Citing her words AFP reported, “At first authorities said the national security law would only target a tiny number of people.”

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