Afghan evacuees protests outside UNHCR office in Delhi

The majority of these people fled to India approximately five years ago, yet they still have difficulty getting basic services and finding work.

Hundreds of Afghan citizens, including women and youngsters, continued to demonstrate outside the UNHCR office in New Delhi, demanding refugee status. They have stated that they’re going to still demonstrate until their demands are met by the international body. The demonstrators waited outside the UNHCR office all night and had no plans to go away.

“We aren’t going anywhere until the UNHCR grants us refugee status. Many nations are willing to simply accept asylum seekers, but we lack the required documentation to use. For years, the UNHCR has been delaying the procedure. We spent the primary night outside its office demonstrating, and that we want to stay protesting until our demands are met “a protester named Najebulla said.

The United Nations Refugee Agency, or UNHCR, maybe a global organisation dedicated to saving lives, defending rights, and helping refugees achieve a far better future.

The demonstrators have made temporary plans to spend the nights on the national capital’s streets. They’ve also threatened to travel on an indefinite fast if the UN doesn’t accept their demands.

“If our requests aren’t satisfied, we’ll continue an indefinite fast,” one protester stated. “We will keep the protest nonviolent since we are grateful to the Indian government and other people for everything they need to finish us.”
Protesters are assisting each other with food, drink, and tea.

On Monday morning, many demonstrators, both male and feminine, from Delhi and surrounding cities began gathering ahead of the UNHCR office in Vasant Vihar.

Many more waved banners with messages like “UN Geneva aid Afghan Refugees” and “Issue residence permits to all or any Afghan refugees,” while the mob chanted slogans like “We want future,” “We want justice,” and “No more silence,” and clapped and cheered one another.

The Afghan Solidarity Committee (ASC) organised the rally, and demonstrators shouted slogans till late afternoon, with their chairman predicting that the protest would last a minimum of two to 3 days.

Protesters came from Lajpat Nagar, Delhi’s “Little Kabul,” also as Bhogal, Noida, Greater Noida, and Faridabad.

On assumption, the Taliban took control of Kabul, the Afghan capital, despite a huge number of Afghans attempting vainly to evacuate the war-torn country.

The Taliban’s savagery has stayed with one woman during the protest. “After my brother was killed by the Taliban, we fled and arrived here. We’ve lived here for an extended time and need to measure a life freed from obstacles, which is why I’m requesting that the UNHCR grant us refugee status. I can not see going back home; I’ll always need to flee from my past,” she explained.

According to the UN refugee agency, Afghans made up over a 3rd of the approximately 40,000 refugees registered in India as of 2019. These figures exclude people that aren’t registered with the United Nations.

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