3 arrested in Delhi with over 93 kgs of Ganja worth Rs 5.5 crore

According to officials, the police examined the auto-rickshaw and discovered 45 packets holding a total of 93.582 kilogramms of ganja.

Officials claimed on Monday that police arrested three individuals and seized 93 kilogrammes of ganja worth more than 5.5 crore on the international market. Sanjay Kumar (38) and Mohammad Israel (52), both inhabitants of New Usmanpur, and Ram Prasad (49), a resident of the national capital’s Okhla Industrial Area, were named as the suspects.

According to a senior police officer, the police received information on Sunday that an auto-rickshaw carrying a large quantity of ganja would be delivering the contraband in Malviya Nagar.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Atul Kumar Thakur, a trap was set and the suspects were captured along with the contraband.

The auto-rickshaw was examined, and 45 packets holding a total of 93.582 kilogrammes of ganja were discovered, according to the police. During questioning, the defendants admitted to obtaining the contraband in Odisha. According to the police, it was smuggled from a distant forest in Odisha to Delhi.

The accused procured the substance and stored it in a rented location near Delhi’s Transport Nagar. According to authorities, they then employed an auto-rickshaw to deliver the contraband on demand.

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