Neena Gupta opens up about her journey in Bollywood industry


Neena Gupta recently gave an interview to Etimes about her experience of working on her latest release ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’ in which she is playing the role of a ninety-year-old grandmother to Arjun Kapoor who is playing the role of her grandson.

She said that though it was difficult for her to portray this role she enjoyed it very much and she bonded well with Arjun Kapoor during the film’s shooting. She changed her posture, her voice for the role and she used to be so involved in the character that she would forget her original voice. The shoot required her to be in the cold for 12-15 hours which was also very challenging but as she loves challenges she enjoyed it.

On being asked about how is she finding the lockdown, she said she feels lucky as she is able to spend this time in her hill house away from the heat in the plains. She said she is keeping herself busy by doing a variety of activities like gardening, baking, taking care of her pet dog. She said she feels blessed to be in a better condition than many other people who are even struggling for getting food.

When asked about being vocal about the issues one faces in one’s personal or professional life, she said that one should definitely raise his or her voice if there is something wrong in their workplace but only after they have reached a certain level because if a newcomer tries to do that can harm his or her career. she also expressed her gratitude to Amit Sharma who cast her in the film Badhai Ho which actually gave her career a new high and got her talent recognized. she said if she had not worked in the film then she would be doing small roles here and there.

In the film, she is playing mother to Kawaljit Singh who was her co-actor in ‘Saans’ where they both played the roles of husband and wife.on being asked if this affected her equation with the actor she said not at all as they both are professionals and they are in their characters on camera and are good friends off it.

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