Manoj Bajpayee slaps Kamaal Rashid Khan with a defamation suit

Family Man fame Manoj Bajpayee filed a defamation case against Controversial King Kamaal Rashid Khan for making derogatory comments on him.

Self-proclaimed critic Kamaal Rashid Khan has become a centre of controversy once again. He is known for swimming in the pool of controversies. But this time, he messed with the wrong man. He made derogatory comments for the Family man fame Manoj Bajpayee. In retaliation, Manoj has started criminal proceedings against him.

KRK has been booked under section 500 of IPC (punishment for defamation)in an Indore Court on 24 august for defaming him in a recent tweet. The tweet was made on 26 July and ruined his reputation in eyes of many. Manoj himself gave the testimony by appearing in court. The defamation tweet says, “I am not a Lukkha and Faaltu in life, So I don’t watch web series. Better you ask Sunil Pal. But why do you like to watch a charsi, ganjedi Manoj? You can’t be selective. If you hate charsi ganjedi on Bollywood, So you should hate everyone”.

This is not the first time he has got into hot water for ruining other’s images. A few weeks ago, Salman khan filed a defamation suit against him. While Salman khan did it in retaliation to negative comments made by KRK on his brand ‘Being Human’, KRK, on another side, claimed it to be the outcome of his review of Salman’s movie ‘Radhe’.

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