Here’s why Tiger Shroff’s sister Krishna Shroff doesn’t want to enter in Bollywood

Tiger Shroff's sister Krishna doesn't have any desire to make a launch in Bollywood Industry. She thinks she is not made for this.

There is a section of desperately aspirating actors trying to get a role in the Industry and then there comes a section debating constantly on nepotism not letting outsiders be a part of this glorious industry. Amidst all this, there is another section, the section which can take advantage of being a part of nepotism but still doesn’t do that. This is something unique and rare. In a world where people die for fame, some people like Tiger Shroff’s sister don’t want to enter the Industry.

Yes, you got that right! She doesn’t want to be a part of Bollywood and has rejected all such proposals to date. Being stubborn, she has made up her mind about what she wants to do. On being asked how many proposals she has turned down to date? She replied, “A lot and a lot”.

In a recent conversation with Bollywood times, Krishna answered the curiosity of many. The question is why she does not want to join Bollywood. Disclosing the same, she said, “I’ve of course said, ‘No’ to every one of them because I’ve been pretty solid and clear in my head from the beginning-it’s not something that I wanted to delve into, it just doesn’t ignite that spark within me”.

Talking about her passion for bodybuilding, she said, “It’s MMA and bodybuilding that gets me going. This gives me that adrenaline rush that I want and crave for and that (movies) just has never really been something that I felt like I wanted to do”.

On being asked if she’ll ever lament or regret her decision of kicking such a one-in-life opportunity, she remarked, “‘Never!” Why so? Honestly, never. You know once my mind’s made up. I’m a very, very stubborn person. So yeah, never”.

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