Family Man 2: Samantha Akkineni apoligizes for hurting Tamil’s sentiments

Samantha Akkineni apologizes to all who got hurt with the portrayal of Tamil Eelam in Family man 2. The hurt it caused was unintentional.

The second season of the popular web series ‘Family Man 2’ was a huge success. The audience got quite impressed with the story and the roles played by prominent actors. Although the series got much appreciation, little did everyone know, it was also criticized on several grounds. Samantha Akkineni, who played the Tamil Eelam militant has come forward to apologize for unintentional hurt.

Some people didn’t even want it to get a release. These were Tamils, Tamil government moved to the centre to ban the series ahead of its release, They got offended over the fact that Tamil Eelam was depicted in a bad light in the series. Before its actual release, IT Minister Mano Thangaraj wrote a letter that says, “The series not only hurt the sentiments of Eelam Tamils but also the feelings of people of Tamil Nadu”.

In a recent conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Samantha said sorry to all whose sentiments got hurt. Her statement goes this way, “I allow people to have their own opinions. If they decided to stay with that opinion, I am very sorry for hurting anyone’s sentiments. I sincerely apologize as it was not something I intended on doing at all. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. So, if I did, I am extremely sorry. I am glad that, though, once the show did release, a lot of noise stopped. I guess some saw it wasn’t so bad after all. For the people who didn’t and continue to hold resentment, I sincerely apologize”.


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